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2ºBach: Soluciones ejercicios modales

  1. Students must write a composition in the exam.
  2. Children under six needn't pay the ticket...
  3. You shouldn't drive if you feel sleepy.
  4. Ian Thorpe couldn't beat Popov...
  5. Anna shouldn't have spoken Spanish ...
  6. He must have been looking foward to going ...
  7. He may/might decide to sue ...
  8. People can't survive without water...
  9. She could hide her tears...
  10. Helen shouldn't have invested so much money...
  11. His parents may/might have been disappointed...
  12. Can/May I give you a tip?
  13. Could I borrow your notebook for a moment?
  14. Government agents didn't have to interfere with Zoe's life.
  15. Sheila may/might have missed ...
  16. You shouldn't eat fattening...
  17. She must give too much importance...
  18. He needn't lift weights...
  19. Maria can't have had a negative...
  20. Passangers mustn't have their...
  21. I can cook a chicken...
  22. Barbara had to wear a safety belt.
  23. The other driver must have stopped at the red light.
  24. Her injuries could have been far more serious.
  25. In such situations, people may/might often be badly ...
  26. She must have looked terrible...
  27. The cuts may/might not have healed so quickly.
  28. You should have visited her...
  29. You must have been very busy.
  30. Someone must have broken the window...
  31. One of the men mght/may have died ...
  32. You must be very tired after...
  33. You must have been surprised...
  34. You needn't have done all...
  35. I could have done it instead.
  36. John can type very fast.
  37. I can answer this question.
  38. I could never understand what ...
  39. No one could solve the problem.
  40. What you say may/might be true.
  41. Can I open the window?
  42. You should read this book.
  43. We must read it.
  44. You mustn't smoke here.
  45. Can you do this without help?
  46. Yes, it must be the one.

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2ºBach: Soluciones a las activdades de repaso

Hola chic@s!!
     Aquí os mando las soluciones de los ejercicios.  También os mando el enlace a la página de Burlington, donde podéis descargaros un montón de actividades para repasar.  En My coursebook, seleccionad el nuestro, y os descargáis los ejercicios.  Y podéis bichear otras secciones, como Extra Practice, links, exams...  Espero que sea útil.
Buen finde!!


Jack The Cat
1. fly
2. didn’t expect / hadn’t expected
3. didn’t work out
4. had managed
5. was preparing
6. had published
7. was progressing
8. is … sleeping / going to sleep
9. was losing / had lost
10. have ... found
11. will ... know

1. sign
2. convinced
3. quarrelled
4. talks down to me
5. join

1. 1. mother tongue
    2. slang
2. 1. clothes shop
    2. advertised
3. foreign language
4. fluent

1. a 2. b 3. a 4. a 5. b

1. have … wondered
2. had been working
3. had learned
4. have been using
5. has been trying
6. have been
7. will have changed

1. Therefore / Consequently
2. As / Since
3. As / Since
4. so
5. Therefore / Consequently

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• At this time next week we 1. WILL BE SIPPING drinks by the pool.
• The moment I 2. CLOSED the door I realized I 3. HADN’T TURNED off the cooker.
• She 4. BUMPED into her ex-boyfriend as she 5. WAS STROLLING along the main street.
• The news 6. IS COMING in that a plane 7. HAS CRASHED into the Pacific. It is yet difficult to
assess the number of victims.
• We 8. HAVE BEEN WORKING on this project for a few months now, it seems that we 9. WILL
HAVE FINISHED by next Friday.
• Sue 10. HAS BEEN GARDENING all day today. She 11. HAS PLANTED three rose bushes and
12. (HAS) RAKED the whole lawn.
• I 13. WAS LOOKING forward to the opera last weekend as I 14. HAD NEVER SEEN Turandot
on stage before.
• We 15. WERE late yesterday because nobody 16. HAD TOLD us that the meeting 17.
WOULD TAKE place earlier than usual.
• When John 18. FOUND the dog, it 19. WAS SITTING on the pavement in front of the
• Next month my parents 20. WILL HAVE BEEN married for forty-five years.
• It wasn’t surprising Tom 21. GOT sacked from the job. He 22. HADN’T ACOMPLISHED a
single task correctly.
• Our town 23. HAS CHANGED massively since the first time we 24. CAME to live here.
• Is it really the first time you 25. HAVE HEARD of Jim Carrey?
• They 26. WILL BUY the car only if the banks 27. OFFERS them the loan.
• I miss him a lot. He often 28. SAT on the sofa talking about all the adventures he 29. HAD
HAD in his long life.
• When I was at school we all 30. WORE uniforms and 31. STUDIED hard.
• My aunt 32. HAS HAD a hard life but she never complains.
• When I first 33. MET Susan, she 34. HAD BEEN DOING research in biology for two years.
• We 35. HAD LIVED in Oxford for five years until I 36. WAS sixteen.
• Look at the data. The unemployment 37. IS GOING TO RISE again in the months to come.
• Peter 38. WAS WASHING up while his wife 39. WAS WATCHING her favourite soap.
• This house 40. HAS STOOD here ever since I can remember.
• Phil was totally exhausted and 41. FOUND it difficult to move as he 42. HAD BEEN DIGGING
in the garden all day.
• We’d better hurry. The show 43. STARTS at 8 pm and we 44. HAVEN’T PAID for the tickets
• My brother 45. HAS DECIDED that he 46. IS GOING TO TRAVEL around the world on his
motorbike. He 47. IS SETTING off next week.
• Don’t lend her this book as she 48. HAS READ it already.
• Last week you 49. PROMISED me that it 50. WOULD HAVE FINISHED by today