lunes, 16 de marzo de 2015

Notas examen Unit 3

  • Bachillerato de Ciencias
Daniel Cortés: 6,7
Victoria Martín: 8,1
Lucía Pérez: 5,9
Zoraida Valle: 4,6
Azahar Vicente: 5,7

  • Bachillerato de Humanidades
Leticia Cortés: 8,5
Abel de Guindos: 6,5
Inma Duarte: 7,4
Ángela Guerrero:  4,6
Nati López: 7,1
Inma López: 4,1
Alenjandro Luna: 6,6
Raquel Narváez: 7,7

  • Bachillerato de Sociales
Natalia Gil: 4,1
Natalia Hidalgo: 4,6
Sara Melero: 6,4
Jesús Moreno: 2,7
Irene Rodríguez: 4
Inés Romero: 4,3
Marta Roncel: 8,4
Ángel Sarria: 5,4
Laura Vega: 5,6

     Las redacciones se las daré al sustitut@ para que os las entregue, y también los exámenes para que los veáis.  Un saludo

martes, 10 de febrero de 2015

2nd Bachillerato: Translation

  1. Ella siempre ha sido idolatrada por sus fans.
  2. La canción debe haber sido muy controvertida ya que todo el mundo habla de ella.
  3. Se dice que el nuevo cantante lanzará un disco el año que viene.
  4. Estoy muy cansada así que voy a pedir que me limpien la casa.
  5. Antes del concierto, habían estado ensayando durante horas, y como resultado, fue un gran éxito.
  6. El periodista le preguntó al grupo por qué habían cancelado su actuación.

sábado, 24 de enero de 2015

Soluciones: Repaso Examen 2º Bach


My parents (recently / buy) have recently bought some property in the south of France. They (build) are building a summer cottage there at the moment.
Andy and sally (go) are going to a concert tomorrow night. They (look forward to) have been looking forward to it all week.
When he (found) founded Microsoft, Bill Gates was only 20 years old. He (already / write) had already written his first computer program seven years earlier.
They (stand) had been standing in the queue for an hour when the manager (inform) informed them that no more tickets were available.
An accident (occur) occurred near my house last night. A car (hit) hit a young man. He (ride) was riding his bicycle when someone in front of him suddenly (open) opened a car door. Several witnesses (see) saw the accident. The police (question) questioned them last night.
Robert (watch) watches the news in English every day on TV and it (help) helps him with his English. He says, “If you (watch) watch the news in English, it (help) will help you too”.
I saw a film a week ago, but I (not enjoy) didn’t enjoy it very much. The problem was that I (already read) had already read the book. If I (not read) hadn’t read the book first, I probably (enjoy) would have enjoyed the film more.
My sister (fly) is flying home from London today. Her flight (arrive) is arriving in one hour so I (leave) am leaving the house right now to get to the airport on time.
She (not see) hasn’t seen her father since he (start) started to work in France two years ago.

Are Rachel and Vicky going to America?
What has happened?
What are you going to complain about?
How long will the meeting last?
  1. Who has been looking for David 20 minutes?
  2. Who has John been looking for 20 minutes?
1. She may not be John’s sister.
2. We may go on a pilgrimage next month.
3. She could read when she was just two.
4. You need not pay the bill.
5. They must have already left.
6. He may pass his driving test easily.
7. He may/ might have forgotten to bring the book.
8. Nobody answered the phone; they must have gone out .
9. He must be over sixty.
10. They need not have bought a new car.

Contrasting or Opposing Ideas

Fill in the blanks with a suitable connector.

  1. The city has a 50 kph limit. However, people are often caught speeding.
  2. In spite of / despite his car accident, Gabi isn’t afraid of driving.
  3. In spite of / despite her hard work, Ana didn’t get a bonus.
  4. We couldn’t find a house to buy even though we looked at many.
  5. Some people enjoy city life, while / whereas others prefer the quiet of the countryside.
  6. The armchair is very comfortable, while / whereas the sofa is not.
Showing Results or Consequences

Fill in the blanks with a suitable connector.

  1. The driver drove through red light. Consequently / As a result ,he was given a ticket.
  2. She had a talent for design. Therefore, she joined a fashion company that makes clothes.
  3. Ronen’s parents are aware of his special love for animals. Consequently / As a result, they bought him two rabbits and one cat.
  4. As a result of / Due to her successful performance, many producers called her.
  5. Tal never studies before tests. Consequently / As a result, his grades are very low.
Reason, Cause and Purpose

Fill in the blanks with a suitable connector.

  1. Because / Since / As I have finished reading all my library books, I’ll have to borrow some more.
  2. Many voters are angry with him Because / Since / As he hasn’t kept any of his election promises.
  3. Although / Even though you are extremely busy, you should still try to fine time to come to the meeting.
  4. Due to / On account of the heavy traffic in cities, we should improve the railway system.
  5. Tomer went to summer school in London in order to improve his spoken English.
  6. Ellen traveled to Jerusalem by train so that she could enjoy the scenery on the way.
  7. Many roads need repair Due to / On account of / because of the unusually heavy rainfall.
  8. In order to turn on this machine, please press the “power” button.

Giving Examples and Adding Information

Fill in the blanks with a suitable connector.

  1. Certain diseases, such as malaria and sleeping sickness, are carried by insects.
  2. Football is a very popular sport in Europe. For example / For instance, many people enjoy basketball.
  3. In addition to being a lawyer, John Grisham is also an author.
  4. It’s often quicker to travel by train than by car or bus. In addition / Moreover / Furthermore, it’s usually cheaper too.
  5. Some languages, such as French and Italian, are based on Latin.
  6. Newspapers offer the reader a wide variety of articles, such as news, sports, and important announcements.
  7. All the students enjoyed the hike except for / besides Yossi, who fell and injured his ankle.
  8. What other languages do you know except for / besides English and Italian?

viernes, 16 de enero de 2015

2nd Bachillerato: Unit 3 / Reading


  1. Serving customers at tables
  2. at the present time
  3. a prize
  4. dislike very much

  1. having a lot of talent
  2. given a job
  3. famous
  4. success

  1. being the only one of her kind
  2. strange and unusual
  3. seeming to have no end

  1. to belong to, to conform
  2. to defend
  1. to work with a group of people
  2. to make a product availabe
  3. for the first time
  4. profits

  1. admire

Are these sentences True or False? Justify your answers with words from the text:
  1. Lady Gaga is a phenomenon for everybody.
  2. It is her musical talent what has made her a star.
  3. She wants people to be like her.
  4. She also earns money working for MAC's.
  5. She helped the police through social networks.