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Writing about a restaurant

1st step: Think about the restaurant/bar and look for information in the web.
2nd step:  Use the wordreference to look up for words, synonyms...
3rd step:  Use your notes (vocabulary, grammar) to write the review.


  • Use vocabulary of the unit.
  • Use of different tenses. (present simple, past simple, continuous, present perfect...)
  • Use of relative clauses.
  • Use of a conditional.
  • Restaurant: It/Its
  • Use of adjectives before the noun.  
  • Examples (such as, for example, like)

Where/type/opening hours/when you go there
     One of my favourite restaurants is Cynara Tapas in Alcala de Guadaira.  It is a great Spanish tapas bar where you can find appetising food.  The restaurant is open every day from 12:30 to 17:00 and from 20:30 to 0:00.  I often go there on Fridays or at the weekends, at least, twice a month.
Description of the place, atmosphere, service, menu, what you order
     The restaurant is modern, the decoration is plain but elegant and the atmosphere is quiet.  These are important aspects for me, but the reason why I always go there is its tasty tapas.  The menu has something for everybody: vegeterians, children, young and old people, etc.  For starter, you can taste its tuna salad or the stuffed mushroom with prawns.  For main course, you can order delicious tapas such as sirloin, chicken, rice with ox tail, fish, etc.  And if you go there, you won't go without trying its mouth-watering desserts like the white chocolate soup with brownie.  When I go to this restaurant, I usually order potatoes with alioli and mojo sauce, grilled vegetables and some meat or fish.  I think its success is the sauces which they use.
Special moment you lived there
When my son was born, we celebrated his baptism here.  We enjoyed ourselves a lot and we ate wonderfully.  The funny thing was that my son, who was three months then, was sleeping during the whole celebration while people were shouting, singing and dancing.  It is one of the best moment I've ever lived.
Recommendation/opinion/positive points/negative points
I recommend this place to everybody because the food is varied and flavourful.  The only negative point is that it is always full at the weekend so it is difficult to find a table. If you try Cynara, you won't regret it!!!

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Notting Hill Carnival